Davenport Iowa Wedding

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A gorgeous day photographing these two in such a beautiful area! Lexus and Kaleb are some of my favorites meaning this day was fun from start to finish! Their love for each other was incredible to witness throughout the whole day and I was so honored to capture it, considering Lexus is a dear friend. Other friends and family gathered from all over the country to witness and celebrate such a beautiful couple for this Davenport, Iowa wedding!

Back of Wedding Gown

This love story began in the wonderful state of Colorado when Lexus and Kaleb matched on a dating app. Both of them were in the equine industry so being on the road wasn’t unusual. Their first date was at a line dancing bar in the Fort Collins area when they both happened to be in town. After a couple rounds of pool and a few dances, Kaleb left that night texting his dad saying, “she’s too good to be true!” Little did he know, Lexus thought the same thing! The couple had been together for a while when Kaleb roped Lexus into marrying him… literally!

Summer Farm Wedding in Davenport

They decide to tie the knot on Kaleb’s family ranch just outside of Davenport, Iowa! I loved celebrating this day with Lexus and Kaleb! They really took in every moment and had the time of their lives, not worrying a second about the rain or the weather that was coming in.

I love when couples embrace whatever comes at them on their wedding day. It truly makes the day so much more memorable! Surrounded by green pastures, trees in full bloom, and cool weather allowed for an intimate ceremony where I was able to take the most stunning images!

What To Do If It Rains On Your Wedding Day

Some weather situations are not ideal for a wedding day, like rain! But at times you just have to roll with the punches. Here are a two key things to remember if you think it will rain on your wedding day:

  1. Plan ahead! Whether you are at a wedding venue or having it on your family’s farm or ranch, it’s always a good idea to have a backup plan. This could be planning to move the ceremony inside or having rain delay if the outdoor ceremony site is the only option. I always recommend my couples have some flexibility in their timeline for situations that occur like this one.
  2. EMBRACE IT! Lexus and Kaleb completely embraced the mist and rain on their wedding day. You would never know from the pictures, but it was pretty cold outside for all our portraits! Embracing it really makes the day so special and I promise you won’t regret doing the same if it happens to you! Lexus even brought out her custom Pendleton jacket made by SaguaroSid!

This rainy Davenport Iowa wedding was the most beautiful day and I am so thankful I got to be apart of it.

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