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Suprise Engagement in Rocky Mountains

Here’s the scene… you and your significant other have been together for a while, you chatted with her dad about marriage, and it’s time to propose to the woman of your dreams!! You have the ring, brought her to the beautiful Rocky Mountains, and hired a photographer. This is a huge moment and the start of something beautiful, a surprise proposal in the Colorado! This is exactly how Alex and Jennifer had their perfect proposal story!

Jennifer and Alex traveled from Nebraska to originally have a couples session with me. A few weeks before the session, Alex reached out and told me that he wanted to have a surprise propose during the shoot. I said absolutely and that I would give him the guidance he was looking for. Executing an epic surprise proposal takes some planning and scheming if you have a photographer present. Here are five tips for the perfect surprise proposal:

Colorado Surprise Proposal

1. Give Your Partner What They Want

This one may seem like a no brainer, but plan your proposal for the scene your partner desires! What is their favorite place? What do you enjoy doing together? Do they want the dogs involved? Have this be something that reflects the two of you as a couple.

Jennifer and Alex love to go hiking in Colorado. So naturally, hiking with me up to Mitchell Lake was the perfect spot to get down on one knee! The pups were even there to witness it!

2. Keep It Intimate

The moment when you are on one knee in front of her asking for their hand in marriage is truly magical. It’s often better when just the two of you are present with no distractions. When other people are involved, it runs the risk of ruining the surprise proposal. From a photographer perspective, you can share this moment with friends and family after she give you a big YES! And I am lucky enough to get to capture it all for you!

3. Have A Game Plan With Your Photographer

There are a couple ways to go about this. Either go out with your significant other and have a photographer hiding when you pop the question, OR get down on one knee during your scheduled session. Alex decided he wanted to propose during our scheduled session. I was able to communicate with him before the session, letting him know what the prompt was going to be. This helped set him up for success ensuring that he knew when to propose and guaranteed that I was ready to snap away!

GUYS PRO TIP: If you are communicating with your photographer before the surprise proposal, change our name in your phone to a friend or families name! She won’t have a clue ­čśë

4. If You Look Good, You Feel Good

Guys… let the girls go get their nails done! Do what you gotta do because yes, I will be getting close up shots of the ring, obvi. This is a good place to get friends involved. In the end, she will thank you for preparing her to look good and feel good!

5. Surprise Proposal Champagne Moment!

These pictures are always so fun! Sometime I get asked to bring a bottle of champagne. But even if no one does, I always like to surprise my couples with a bottle! This is such a monumental time in their love story, everyone deserves to celebrate! My favorite photos are popping the bubbly and having a celebratory spray moment! And then… we cheers to the happy couple!

Colorado Surprise Engagement and Wedding Photographer || Lo Anderson Photography

Are you ready to plan your surprise proposal with me in the Rocky Mountains? Head on over to my contact page here and let’s plan the greatest surprise of your life! Trust me… your significant other will say nothing other than YES!!!