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moab engagement photos

Moab is filled with stunning canyons, red rocks, and open spaces that make a perfect backdrop for photos. Here’s what you need to know to have breathtaking Moab engagement photos!

Moab Engagement Photos: What You Need to Know

You really can’t get much more picture-perfect than Moab, Utah. It’s a small town in Eastern Utah and if you love the red rocks, desert, incredible sunsets, and canyons, then this is a perfect location for engagement photos!

Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park is what Moab is best known for, but there are so many other beautiful locations as well. There are so many spots with amazing views, which all make a great place to explore and capture incredible photos. The town is a great place to explore with charming restaurants, boutiques to shop in, and plenty of ways to get outside and enjoy nature.

This is why I love Moab so much for engagement photos. I want to share some of my favorite Moab engagement photo locations and when to plan them to ensure you have the most dreamy session!

moab engagement photos

Moab Engagement Photo Locations

The best thing about Moab is that you aren’t limited to just a few locations for your engagement photos. You have so many stunning locations to choose from, and here are a few of my favorites!

Dead Horse Point State Park

Dead Horse State Park is one of my most favorite locations, because you truly can’t beat the epic canyon views! It has the desert feel with a bunch of trails to explore, and there are many different dramatic overlooks where you can look into the canyon and the Colorado River below.

Because of this, it is a perfect place for catching a sunset over the canyon. And if you time it perfectly, you can capture this stunning sunset in your engagement photos!

moab engagement photos

moab engagement photos

Canyonlands National Park

Canyonlands National Park has the incredible desert scenery that you would look for in Moab, and it’s made up of canyons created by the Colorado River. In this spot you get a beautiful backdrop with different colored layers on the canyons, flat-topped mesas, and tall rocky pinnacles.

The park has three areas that you could explore: The Maze, The Needles, and Island in the Sky, with Island in the Sky being the most popular. This park is typically much less busy, so if you want to avoid some of the crowds, this is a great option and it’s absolutely breathtaking!

Corona Arch

If you want some of the classic arches that make you think of Moab, but want less of the crowds in Arches National Park, then Corona Arch is your best bet! It is a beautiful spot with a large arch that will leave you breathless. It’s a pretty moderate hike to get to this location, and definitely worth every bit of the time it takes to get there. 

It feels very intimate and peaceful, and the light coming over the rocks hits just perfectly, making it a perfect location for photos. This is such a breathtaking hidden gem here in Moab!

moab engagement photos

moab engagement photos

moab engagement photos

Arches National Park

Chances are you’ve heard of Arches National Park, as it’s a very popular location here in Moab! This national park is just north of Moab, and has more than 2,000 sandstone arches in the park and was created by erosion. It’s a beautiful and unique spot, where you’ll see the rock formations all over the desert.

The great thing about this park is there is a very wide range of locations inside the park for photos. These are a few of the most common and are really beautiful!

  • Sand Dune Arch
  • Double Arch
  • The Windows
  • Turret Arch
  • Delicate Arch

The Caves at Moab

If you want a truly unique location that has the convenience of staying right on the property, The Caves & The Domes at Moab are a super fun option! This property is truly breathtaking, as you can see below, with it’s own landing strip and planes that could really elevate your photos. 

The property is full of open space to explore, and it really gives you a full experience. The lodging is one-of-a-kind, where you sleep along the rocks in an updated and modern space. It is a perfect option for anyone wanting to turn their elopement into a full weekend at a stunning location! Check out their Instagram page here to learn more about it! 

moab utah photography

moab utah photography

moab utah photography

BLM Land

BLM, Bureau of Land Management, is another beautiful option for your Moab elopement! These are public locations that are a lot less crowded and it can be a lot easier to find spots that are more private. This is because they are less developed than the state parks.

So if you’re open to being flexible and exploring the area, BLM Land may be your best option. And your photographer can make sure to find you the perfect spot!

When to Take Engagement Photos in Moab

Honestly, in Moab, any time of year can make for really beautiful photos! But here’s my thoughts on each of the seasons and their pros and cons.

  • Summer: Moab is a desert, so of course in the summer it gets VERY hot. That desert sun can be pretty harsh, so just keep that in mind. The summer of course also brings in all the tourists and crowds, so if you want to avoid crowds you’ll need to plan for a sunrise or sunset session. This will also bring some of the cooler temps to make your session much more bearable!
  • Fall: Fall is a really beautiful time of year in Moab and an ideal time of year for engagement photos. It can still get a bit crowded, but if you choose a less popular location, you should have the spot to yourselves!
  • Winter: Winter of course brings in the cool temps, but it’s not unbearable! You typically won’t find much snow, and it’s very quiet as far as the crowds go. If you want a more intimate session for your engagement photos, choose the winter season!
  • Spring: Spring is incredible in Moab: desert flowers, perfect weather, and typically less people. If I could recommend my favorite time of year in Moab, spring is definitely it!

moab utah photographers

Moab Utah Photographers

Hi, I’m Lauren, and if you’re ready for engagement photos in Moab, then I’m the one to help you out! Your engagement photos should be about you and your partner and be exactly what you’ve been dreaming about!

I’m here to give you a warm and inviting experience and capture photos as timeless as your love! So if you’re looking for a Moab photographer, contact me and we can talk more about your dream engagement photos in Moab!